Friday, August 12, 2011



the day before

we left to SD
I already miss my travels and wish we were on the road/in the sky again...siiiiiigh
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What Kristy drew out for me. Wednesday? Alriiiiiight.
Good times with good people. I truly wish I lived downtown so I could hang with them erry day, for reals. Lakewoods dead
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

this morning

I took a couple extra minutes to get ready this morning in protest to having to be to work super early
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Claire Reid

This woman here, gives me inspiration and opens my eyes...I was so stunned when I stumbled upon this artist...
If I ever meet her, I want to tell her how she inspired me and proved me right. On what, I will not tell


You may be a small city, but you are jammed tight with amazing places, people, and little secrets. Te. Amo.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TODAY! I saw my first Asian Security Guard!
here here!
I'm not fucking rascist in the least so shut the fuck up.
It's called stating the obvious before my eyes.

when you have a tough shell..

'It's hard to let people in, and you live a lonely life' ..
Well, I do have a tough shell. But it's not lonely in the least. I don't like letting people in because nearly every time I am disappointed. The ones that do make it through are there forever. My system works, your proverb does not apply to my settings.
I wish I could find more friends that were my kind of crazy, and liked doin what I liked to and could cut past all the unnecessary bullshit and do they find room and the time in their day to fit that on the agenda? Blows my fuckin mind sometimes...
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I like it when my old friends become friends with my most important, best friend :) (pssst, I.e. mi amor)
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hayllo there

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my boyfriend

Is the greatest, and has decided to join me in my passion for running! :D
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Monday, August 8, 2011

My signs are the best. Short, sweet, to the point, and visual. No room for mistakes
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dear dentist

You scare the fuck out of me. I need you bad, but I fucking hate you..
I will see you soon, but I wont be happy about it..
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this fucking heat..

Wouldn't be that bad if I had a fucking fan at night!
All the hot air from the day slowly rises at night to my top floor apartment and swealters the shit outta me while I try and catch some Zs before a merciless Monday...FUCK!

On a side note, I love my new Jeep, it has taken my happiness to many places and I think I'm in love..
hahahahaha jk

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This is what nowhere looks like
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My New Black Vessel the fuck out. Ima bout to tear shit up
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Grow hair, grow.
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Love Sundays
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

but to be back

In Denver and the beautifl skies, rolling mtns, and lovely city..there really is no place like it and am glad that leaving paradise and my soul behind in SD brings me home to a city worth appreciating and missing
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my soul..

Is floating around in the San Diego breeze, wrestling throug the leaves of palm trees and tickling the waves..i'll come back for, and then we can be as one again
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fuck. yes.

Hahaha..I love California. Almost bought this, but was talked out of it. Some people can't appreciate, cheap, funny gifts..le sigh
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Dear Friends

I am truely sorry for my lack of appearance these past few weeks..and months. I love you dearly and you mean the world to me, but I have to get done what I have to and I guess that if you are a true friend of mine that you will stick around. I am not giving you the cold shoulder, I am just so deep in my focus and work that I can't afford to turn my head just yet. I am also sorry that I make plans to hang out and then have to cancel them, I hope you understand

Monday, August 1, 2011

back burner...

I feel like I'm on the back burner..pushed down the line even with my friends as my life sits at a stand still while I'm figuring out what I want to do with it...fuck.
depression eats at me, maybe I'm doomed to always walk around with a hole in my core..

Ice Cream!!?? ON THE BEACH!!!?? Yes please

Ice cream on the beach..feeding the lil fatty inside me mmmmmnom nom
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bikin in San Diego

I've never seen him on a bike before!

I had like the rustiest, oldest, awesomest beach cruiser. It had personality :)

He hates bikes but is sweet enough to go ridin with me

My bike ridin beach attire

every one out there rides a bike or skate boards to get around, my kind of fucking city!! It was fun riding a rusty old beach cruiser along the boardwalk. Oswaldo got stuck with the mtn bike haha
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Mom by the fire in San are a pillar mom, a mountain! I hope to some day be as strong minded as you
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

i need

To stop always looking negatively at every difficult and/or challenging obstacle in my path and instead take on a 'thats it? No problem!' Attitude..
Yup, im fucking doin it!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

social expectations

Are a fucking waste of time. If people put all of that energy into something self-productive we would be advance as a race, fucking seriously. But we humans only care about the exterior of everything. I.e. fashion, modeling, actors, racism, public entertainment, sex, even facebook; we all just want to look pretty. We want ourselves to be pretty, our kids, our homes, our clothes, our cars, our cellphones, our hair, our pets, our cities, our everything. But no one cares if they're liars, if they're fake, mean, ignorant, racist, sexist, all the ists, thieves, heartless, cruel, manupulative, murderous, sickening; we care so fucking much about our exterior just so we can disguise and cover up our extreme, true, uglieness..just be fucking real. Be fuckin real!
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From a while ago. Every day feels like the first time
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When I was youngER
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Yeah! :)
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I'm not religous

But I can appreciate the surface beauty they present to something they believe to be worthy or worshipping
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Right now, where I'm at, this is Limbo. If anyone wants to experience or get a good, real life definition of limbo, come hang out with me for a day..seriously.
BUT, I'm making the best of it and dazzled up limbo a bit, made it more tolerable..
When will I get to the top of the mountain...


I'd like to thank my friend for having a fun thrift store day and convincing me that its in my best interest to buy these.
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real food

Now THIS is a burrito. Im a carnivore in love with vegan food

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real love

To the fucking end baby. B&C style
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

'I want you yo draw me naked girls like this'
I'll do my best, you can count on that yo!

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the factory

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lookin up every once in a while...

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I can...

Only care for so long
I can be there, but not till the end
I have this wall around me that will never cave in
My heart is a hole, something so cold, so wrong
I walk around this city, observing your faces
But you’ll always be on the outside
I feel for a second, and then its gone, tucked back with my memories with the other brief sensations
I can be a good person, but only for a minute
These thoughts that dwell take flame in an instant.
I love myself, hate myself, care for myself, forget myself.
I focus on you because I can’t stand myself,
Living in this state of my own restrictions.
I want to be free, in the sky with the birds
But the laws of these lands hold me, locking me in my cell.
Im here on this earth, but im walking in hell
These feelings come and pass, with each day and whim
Im being spread on toast, a bit too thin.
I rhyme, I write, I hold no consistancy. I can be all that I can, but only if you allow me.
I scream in my head 'LET ME BE LET ME BE
Let me bloom, let me fly I know I can do better and become something great
And maybe, just maybe, I can learn not to hate
Everyone else walks around with this false sense of purpose and meaninhg, living out a lie
But I can care for you forever, the world I can just…. Let die

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i love my moms house..

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Coming up with my own tattoo flash..just some ideas
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My stress lecel keeps rising, I find my mind and body exhausted, when it fucking shouldn't be..I need to get my stress in order, which I thought running every day would do.
I need to...quit smoking ganj, but it makes for a fun and funny night with my love...
Le sigh...I need to quit feeling like im competing with other artist and stop operating like the world is going to end tomorrow.
Fuck. Stop talking. Stop stressing.
Fuck you anxiety...
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Haven. Makes for a good night
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need to

draw. Draw. DRAW!!!!!!!!
eat right. run hard. draw all day. Bitches.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I need to start yoga..for reals. One of the massage therapists here at the hospital worked on my shoulders and neck and it fucking hurt!! She said I have 'atrocious knots' and that I can't drop my shoulders all the way because of those knots....great
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