Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

A lil something to say

No hay nada en este vida que es mas importante del corazon de tu
Tu es mi vida, mi mundo, y la passion en cada pulso de mi corazon
Sus manos en mis manos es solo que yo quiero
Sus ojos son más brillantes que el sol y sus labios me electrifican del interior cuando resuelven los míos
La verdad, usted enciende para arriba mi vida que hace que el sol parece una estrella distante
Te Amo
what fills my void

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Original Medical Staff
I present your former Doctors and Nurses
I love this picture...and to think that I onced worked and walked the same paths at the St Anthony Central Hospital as these fine women once did. Their wages were their sense of accomplishment and the do-good feeling they recieved from giving care to those in need. I envy your compassion and apologize that I'm unable to feel the same unbiasley for those in need..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Me, My Pops, and Dana
The blood in my veins...even though I don't see them hardly..ever, I still feel as if a day hasn't passed without seeing them.  Dad, you're awesome and I get you. I may hardly ever see you but you're always there for me. I get your life style and am glad that you are trying at happiness and livin your life to it's fullest. Just be happy and I'll be happy for you.
Sis, you're the greatest big sis ever. You've always had my back; encouraging me with every dream I brew up and shakin me back to reality when I get too crazy. I can't believe your a married lady now, but I'm happy for you because I've never seen you smile the way you smile around Dan-O. We all get wrapped up in our own lives and go great lengths of time without contact but blood is blood, it pumps through all our hearts and we share the same. We're always be there with eachother, even if we're miles apart.

Me and My Sister

Creebler and Oso

Mi Oso
Me bein a creebler hahaha. I can't help myself with him, he's just so dang purdy! haha
I miss my epic hair... le sigh


Well...I'm on the floor today, back in patient care!
I swear..no matter how much I try and escape the health care field it always sucks me back in..
It's cool though, I don't mind. This shit's easy. Just wish I was back downstairs doin my anesthesia tech thang

I'm calling tattoo guy today! Sooooo pretty excited about that. Now I'll just need to save for a gun n machine
That's two things I need to save for:
1. Tattoo Gun
2. Bike- I really wanna get me a street bike and go ridin with Kristy. I won't lie, that shit sounds like tons of fun and I love going fast and putting my body at risk all the adrenaline! I spelt that wrong..whatevs!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


While at work today with this nurse, Darla, we started conversing about tattoos and how I'M LOOKING FOR AN APPRENTICESHIP, after I finish with my portfolio, and it turns out that her husband owns a tattoo shop..and his friends own others! AND she gave me his card AAANNNND took samples of my work and told him I would be calling
I'ts like this for me :D HOLY SHHHIIITTTTTTT
-Dire Wolf-
I'm working on this piece, but I'm not familiar in drawing wolves so I've been doing some research and drawing to get myself more familiar with their anatomy because what I'm really wanting to do is draw a 'HEART HOUND' from my favorite novels, The Sword of Truth series (which is nothing like the stupid fucking TV series they 'made' off of them, books be where the riches at)

I just really want to bring to life all the characters and creatures in those books....I fear I left my heart behind their world
Federal & Mississpi
Throw it up!


My Brother
 ...my bro. What to say what to say..I just love the guy. He may be rightfully unliked and looked down on by others but he's just fucking awesome to me and I love the son of a bitch more than I can stand some times. It just breaks my heart when he looks me in the eye and lies...we're of the same blood dude, I'm gonna know when you're lying and it fucking hurts. Just be you, and be cool. Wherever life takes you, just know that you have at least someone that'll be missing you and thinking of you
Doodle I doodled up for the house keeper here..there is NO rhyme or reason to this, its just there..ya

Doin the drawings

So I'm drawing like a motherfucker...but not at home :/
The only place I can knuckle down is at work
I need a damn desk, putting together a portfolio at the kitchen table often leads to distractions
IKEA, you will open soon!

.....Really wanna hang out with some friend(s)

Dress Up

It's like playing dress up..only I never get to dress up the way I want to
But you do what you gotta do to get your dose or blood n guts right?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hollowness between the ears..

I can't..I'm stuck in the mornings with my brain half asleep...
Hurry the fuck up Marsha and get your portfolio going! get it done
So I can move on with this life..be done with this chapter and go
This isn't the life I want for myself, this isn't it at all
My life should consist of making my own schedule, creating works of art that I can engulf myself inside,
have the money I need for my own home, my own dog(s), and travel wherever my heart chooses
Get out of the quick sand and onto the damn highway!...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Denver

I told ya this bitch was burning to the ground!



Love Like No Other

City O City

Grubbin down and stuffin faces with my friend Kristy. Who knew that we would go from wanting to throw fists at each other to becoming friends..That's just how we do I guess!
Deep-fried, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bitches
City O City, E 13th, Denver
If you love good vegetarian/vegan cuisine and a chill, quiet environment, and good people then this is the place!


Just what it says, just ask Kizile, right bro?
There are over 6billion people on the planet, 6billion different ways to live your life
I know that you're still figuring out your way and what you want for your life, and I know that you are fighting family every step of the way just living the way you feel is best for yourself, and I just want you to know that I get you. I get you lil brother. Live your life for you, by you, for life. Just be safe, be smart, and be curtious; don't let living your life mean you disrupt the way other's live theirs because that's when it becomes a problem. Live and Let Fucking Die
TATTOO BY: Kristy Nadine L @Bound by Design, East Colfax Denver
Buahahahaha! Night out on the town....MY kinda night on the town.

My Heaven, Door 2

Leaving paradise, with my mom in the driver's seat and me already having moods of nostalgia watching the sun set from my passenger car window. As the sun receeded behind the horizon, it gave off a purple glow to the clouds briefly.
Lake McCaugnegy, Nebraska
(Yeah, I know its not an ocean and not the kind of paradise that most people would imagine, but I love this place. It has so much meaning to me and cherished memories that the instant I drive up and can smell the water and feel the moisture in the air my stress is instantly disolved and I'm at peace)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Computer Car

Sittin in the back of a semi trailer with a good friend, smoking a bizzie, looking out onto a car cemetary in the open plains...just hard to beat a good evening like this.
Computer Car Inc
Sante Fe & Titan Way
Myself(left) & Amanda(right)
I feel like a bug in a box sometimes..
Things will be going the way I want them to and the way I've worked hard to have it go
and then the rug gets yanked out from underneath me...and it's like wtf?! I don't know what hit me
Bug in a box..they're always watching, seeing what I'd do, how I'm going to react, how I'm going to choose to handle the situation in front of me..
I'm not paranoid or feel like the world is out to get me, but I often feel tested by the people closest to me..mainly the people I love the most, and thats what gets me crazy.
Or maybe it is my inability to accept the things I can't change...it all goes back to me being a dreamer
I think that if you have enough will power and brain power that anything can be changed.
You can't change the people you love, I wish the ones I loved applied that to me

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Trees and The Sky I Love

 LOL, took this while in the drive through at Dairy Queen with a friend, zoomed in to cut out the other cars and light posts. Thanks Motorola Charm, you rock!
   On the way home from work, one of my favorite drives
I think I really need this...

High Cruisers

Good times with good people, that's what I'm all about..Just a shame that good people are hard to come by these days so I soak up all I can get! From past experience, I learned that you can't hold on tightly to somethings, including people because it'll crush you. Everything leaves you eventually and everything can hurt you. So I hold on to what I have with the open palm of my hand; everything can hover in my hand and whatever doesn't carry enough weight can float away, and will float away!

A Few Works In Progress

Something I'm working on, many changes will be made, but the idea stands to grow
A blended mask
A spin off of Social Distortion lol, all done with ball point pen
I love dead trees, I think they tell a story all on their own, I want to recreate this, obviously.
All doodles done in pen and permanent marker; recreating in canvas and sketch with added ideas..


In progress! With one more day of completion, my sweet ass sleeve will be finished!
All work draw and tattooed by Kristy Nadine Ludewig @Bound By Design (East Colfax, Denver)
For info on Kristy and her artwork, check out Ourblackomen.com
Will post pictures of completion soon...annnnd more tattoos to come :D


you don't see such clean, thoughtfull writings in bathroom stalls, let alone thoughtfull advice..
hahahaha good thoughts for someone sitting down for a piss, thumbs up

Carbon Hair

At my old, supposed friend's shop before she fucked my hair up and I had to fix it...dick.