Monday, June 27, 2011

El Barrio

This neighborhood is where my hearts at, for sure...
need a house here so bad
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This City

Sometimes, I feel completely alone in this place...
Except for Oswaldo, I feel completely alone and void of companionship...
hate this place sometimes..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In the works. Voodoo lady face..this is a rough sketch


Towel Elephant
One of the house keepers made this. She's awesome.

Finished product

Decisions decisions...

Ugh, sorry for the picture quality, but this is my finished product of her; I'm hoping once I get water colors that I can do a painting of her.
I love drawing people raw, mischivious, and off putting because that is how I would describe the human race; we aren't what we seem, we pay attention to our appearances to often, and we may seem sweet and innocent on the outside but truely we are animals...that's a little deep but that's why I love drawing people ratty and poor.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Days off are boring..100mph or nothin at all
new cafeteria

new cafeteria continued

new cafeteria continued continued

inside garden

inside garden continued

cafeteria eating area (1/4 of it)
This is why your surgeries and hospital stays and the amount of medical taxes you pay is so exspensive...I give you then new medical campus for St Anthony Central and Ortho Colorado...The medical industry is nothing but a business, dressed up to put on a show for you to see that it's still about the good health and well being of those in need...shut the fuck up. THEY WANT ALL Y'ALL'S MONEY!!
Once they have you, they fucking have you. For fucking life.
Don't get me wrong, there are such things as miracles in medicine and they do save lives. But at a cost, a cost so high that it would take a lifetime and sometimes two lifetimes to pay off..I just don't believe in the system anymore..

Old ink

Greg Payne
 So I have this thing for old tattoos. I don't know, I like to take pictures of old ink for some wierd reason, and people give me the weird looks when I ask them if I can but ain't shit wrong with weird! I think it's because I like seeing the way the ink shifts and spreads in the skin over time, that and the combination of talent and style...I don't either way, there's an old tattoo wolf for ya. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life wins...

birdy eggs :}
I have decided to relent my attempts to scare away the pigeons on my deck from building a nest, and allowed life to play its part.
My friend Stazi told me that pigeons only lay 1-2 eggs at a time, and behold there be 2 lil birdy eggs and now I'm the one tip-toeing on my deck trying to water all the flowers so as I don't disturb the newly completed family.
Even though you are filthy, disease ridden birds of flight, you are still birds non-the-less and a beautiful, selfless creation on this earth that is trying to survive without selfishly disrupting another species. Who I am I to say where you can and cannot drop eggs! hahaha...
Pink Sun Rising

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet day with a good friend of mine, Ms Mirella Ruvalcaba, you. are. awesome.

Good friends buy their good friends slim jims where they're starving..haha

Most Beautiful Person In the World

I fucking love this picture, its so sick.
You're fuckin OG baby, I love the way you are

When in doubt

Be straight up!
Be smart about who you let in, and if something fishy comes up, know that a true friend confronts the matter.
I guess I really got fucked when I let in all those flakes from the past and thought they were homies and ended up getting back stabbed and found out that the years I spent thinking I was with good company was fake and wasted; people using me and manipulating me to their needs.
Be smart, be straight up, be honest, and trust in your true friends!

cock n balls..think about it..hahahahaha


My little ring leader, line draw up soon

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wow...its fucking rediculous where some of our money goes..
Eating out and activities..I can't believe that we each that much food and spend that much money out and about, its kinda sickening. We both make more than enough money, and I guess we both spend it just as fast too...Seriously, how do I get us able to not eat out hardly ever and not spend so much money on fun things in one check week...
And why the fuck do I feel like I'm the one who has to say sorry??..
My Favorites

That was a fun fucking day

The new workspace

My New Desk! Focus COMMENCE!

Finally...I said fuck it one night and went to Wall-mart with my friend Amanda and spent some cash on a new desk and a new TV stand. I woke up at 6am and assemble them all (in my jammies on the dinning room floor I might add)
It took me half the morning but it is much needed and more appreciated!
I got all crafty with my screw driver and made it happen. Yeah, what!?
I have already come up with  more works of art that need finishing and am still collecting art supplies. Its a slow start but I'm more than well on my way!!!

Thift store accomidations are the best..juuust saying!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


save me from myself before my boredom eats my brain....
Father's Doppleganger

It is always kinda scary when you see a patient on the surgery schedule that has your dad's exact same name, same age, and 2days off from the same birthday with your father. I was pretty shitted, seeing how I only see my dad once every 4months.

Thank you dad for not really being that patient, I would have been pissed if you didn't tell me you were having surgery at my freakin hospital!
Oi aka Bagheera before shave

after shave..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm in a mood to give up..that I'm not good enough. I can't fucking do some of the things I want to, I'm being held back by my lack of ability..
I've never been schooled on my art, I've never taken a serious art class outside my half semester of AP art where I didn't learn because I was too busy witht the socialism of highschool..
I need someone to give me pointers on drawing...or I need to just shut up and tell myself I can fucking do and knuckle down and keep practicing.
...Sometimes I need to amp myself up...I hate being at work right now..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Word from the wise

'If you have it in your heart, then God will give it to you'

While I am not religous, I find guidance in this. I was talking to my co-worker, exchanging our wishes and dreams for our life and what we search for in life. He told me that he was one of those people that will go in whichever direction the wind blows him in and find happiness there, but if there is something he wants he will have it. I've always felt that way about myself and I never really understood it. Whatever I put my mind to, whatever I tell myself that I want, it happens and I get it. Andre told me that if it is inside your heart, if you have it in your heart God will see it and give it to you. In a way, it is kind of like what I am doing; I know what it is that I want, because I put it in my heart, so every beat is a step closer to obtaining it.

So, if you have it in your heart what you want, then you will get it. Only if it truly is what is in your heart...


Well..I didn't get it at Lucky 13 Tattoo on Kip and Colfax..
Apparently there are already 3 other apprentices at that shop and the owner, Joey, has another business and isn't there at the shop full time sooo that means no apprenticeship for that shop anyway.
I don't think I'm going to apply at any shop for a while, least till I get a bigger/better portfolio going.
Joey was nice enough to take the time to talk to me about the industry and how it works and what to expect and not expect. At least he told me that I was good enough and that he would of 'hired me in a heart beat' if he had the time to teach me properly.

I need to work on drawing people a lot. I think that I can train myself at home with drawing, buy a gun and machine and practice a little until I can get an apprenticeship somewhere. I was hoping to get it at a good/small shop, for many reasons. But now I need to focuse on my skill and getting my name and artwork out there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

lost time

I'm a mystery to my family..and they are a mystery to me...
All the birthdays I've missed, all the ceremonies, first steps, hard times..they were all missed
And now we're all going to get together on the beach and act like a big ol' happy fam?
I'm not good in regular social situations, I don't know how warm and approachable I'll be able to be
I love you all, I know that much; but I do not know you and vice versa
So I guess I can expect the same from you as you from me
..come Marsha, stop putting so much thought into it....
Ruth y Jesus
For you baby. This is just a rough sketch of what you wanted but I will do a line drawing of it and some shading.....just need to go and get me my damn art supplies!

-That is a Flor de Izote ( the national flower for El Salvador ) and an Aztec Dahlia ( the national flower of Mexico -

Yeah Yeah YEAAAH!!
Got me an appointment/ a chance to show off some of my work in hope of getting a tattoo apprenticeship.
I got good feelings about this.
I was going to show my portfolio to Kristy and she would point me in the right direction to an artist that would best fit my style but I just feel like I gotta do this on my own. She's my friend and someone I respect, so I don't want her holding me hand the whole way, and I would definitely feel more pride having accomplished this from my own hard work and methods. I've always wanted this as my career but never felt that I was good enough, that my style or my artwork wasn't there. I feel that I've gotten my shit together enough and my mind is out of the black hole for me to be able to take a stab at my dreams..I'm just not meant for school, everything that I've tried to go to school for falls out, some fluke always happens and I get turned in the complete opposite direction; but with this, everything is lining up. If this appointment falls out, I'm going to seek others.
Everything around us, the world we live in, was created by other people's I think I can give mine a shot

Lil Somethin

Finished Line Draw...:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The takings of the flowers!
I love you flowers...

Sunny Jim

Dudeman...I loves you.
Lets fucking run more often!
Sweat buddies allllright!

Oh dang

rough sketch

beginning of the line drawing

 Not quite finished with the line drawing
Will post finished line drawing
...might tweak it a lil

Conclusion 1

I've learned that there are requirements for joining the PACU and PRE-OP units at the hospital:

Requirement 1:
-You must be a total bitch to fellow members of the staff
Requirement 2:
-You must be completely clueless and oblivious to the world around you
There'es just something sexy about this. I love what you do baby

More City O City


Gun Lamp

Good Times with Good People